How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile | Top 4 Ways [2020]

    See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

    Instagram! A name that gets all the Millennials and Gen Z buzzing with excitement. Are you heading out for dinner? Instagram it. Are you going shopping? Instagram it. Friends reunion? Why not Instagram it? Sunset??? Of course, picture-perfect. But how can you see who views your Instagram activities? Who knows when you become eligible for verification or a blue tick.


    Instagram People not only post for fun but nowadays it is also business. With Instagram, people are winning giveaways. You can even buy your favorite stuff from commercial pages. Not just this, but you can also follow your favorite celebrity or sportspersons and what not.

    It is a place where people post both their personal and professional life through pictures and videos. You are just one click away from letting the world know where you are and what you’re doing. It is a medium to let your loved ones know how well you are doing in life, loved ones such as your family, your loyal friends, and, most importantly, your trustworthy followers (note the sarcasm here).

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    If you are a popular, public, and active user, then the thought of unfollowers who views your Instagram usually crosses your mind. Although such scenarios are harmless in many cases, sometimes you just want your privacy.

    Instagram gives you the liberty to post stuff, but it also gives the world around you the freedom to view every little detail of you. The people who disguise your personality and work could easily view your account without letting you know.

    A Few Techniques to See Who Views Your Instagram

    Here, we will address a few methods with which you can see who views your Instagram. Regular people do not only use these methods for privacy but also by business profiles who can see their target audience.

    views on instagram
    views on instagram

    Likes and Comments

    The most basic of all. Whatever you post, it contains a record of those people who viewed and liked your posts. The comment box will also give you an idea of who has seen your posts. You can see the account name along with the date and time.


    Also, you can go through the list of the people who viewed your story and even the highlights. Just go to your story and scroll up. You will see a list of accounts who viewed your story. The same option is available for your story highlights; just scroll up, and you get the file. If you want to block someone from viewing your story, then right next to their account name is an “X,” which, upon clicking, will show the option “Hide.” Click this and forever stop them from viewing your story.

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    Business Account

    Usually, stalkers don’t like or comment, but they view your page. Instagram does not have any built-in functionality that shows who is visiting your profile. You may not get the accounts that viewed your Instagram, but you can get the accurate number of people who have done so far. To do so, you have to create a business account in settings. You don’t necessarily have to have a business. You need to file in some info.
    If you don’t want any unknown person to view your page, then you have to go private.

    Insta Activity

    If you have a business account, then you can see the various activities involved. You will see who views your Instagram, i.e., your profile, website clicks along with the date, and a comparison bar chart that shows which day you got most profile clicks. If it’s a Sunday, then post more on a Sunday.


    You can also see who views your Instagram with a business account. It gives you brief descriptions about their age groups, their locations, gender, and your followers. It also showcases the time within which they are active. For instance, if the graph shows a higher probability within the range 11 a.m-3 p.m, then you can post content during that time interval to increase the views on your page if you want to.

    Using Applications

    Considering that IG does not have some superficial features that let you know about viewers, you should resort to third-party applications as they perform the job of letting you see who views your Instagram well.


    An application that allows you to see who views your Instagram. Here, you can choose the social network platform for which you want the app to work. In this case, it is Instagram. It can also work for Facebook.


    Once you log in, it will generate a report. Later, it will direct you to the application’s website, where you can go through the list of your viewers. Besides, you can check for unfollowers, publishing ranks, and who is online, i.e., you can see who views your Instagram. It also specifies the date and time of your follower’s activity.

    Download : Qmiran

    IG followers analyzer

    It is also a third-party application, which is similar to the given above. This application supports for iPhone users and iPad.

    IG Follower Analyzer
    IG Follower Analyzer

    Login to it and authorize the account. It real-time analyses your feed then produces the following:

    • Who admires me
    • Unfollowed me
    • Batch unfollow
    • Track and analyze

    With the above information, you can verify the valid accounts and block the ghost accounts. It is an easy to use app that pertains to your security. It is one of the best applications to see who views your Instagram.

    Download : IG followers analyzer 

    Follower analyzer

    It is another app designed for Android users. It performs the same job. You can do the following with this:

    Follower analyzer
    Follower analyzer
    • Check the people who follow or don’t follow you back
    • You will be able to check the followers who don’t like nor comment
    • You may now see people who blocked you
    • View your top liked/commented post
    • See tagged accounts in your post

    Download : Follower Analyzer 


    All of the above methods are reliable, and it covers all kinds of privacy concerns. You can always block or report any account that is creating a nuisance for you. Perhaps, these are some of the best techniques to see who views your Instagram.
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