Top 3 Ways To See Deleted Reddit Posts Easily

    See Deleted Reddit Posts
    See Deleted Reddit Posts

    We all spend most of our time online. Whether its updating statuses on Facebook, chit-chatting on WhatsApp, or posting pictures on Instagram. Another one of these applications in the race goes by the name “Reddit.” In this article, we will be specifically discussing about some tricks and tips through which you may see deleted Reddit posts. 

    To explain it very quickly, it is a combination of all of the popular apps. It has a bit of everything. How? Let’s see.

    Well, for starters, Reddit lets you create content, like videos, pictures, vlog, which are like blogs but in the form of videos. On top of that, it allows people to like, i.e., upvote or dislike, i.e., downvote your content. So, if you play a little carefully and tactfully, you can get pretty famous.


    Sometimes, a thing happens; it is prevalent on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit as well, and causes great frenzy among people. It is, the deletion/removal of a post on these websites. One can understand the popularity of Reddit like the verification feature on Instagram

    How much time does it happen that your eyes fall on a tempting title? Then you go ahead and open it, in anticipation, and when you finally open it? What happens then? You get to see that the deleted post and all you get is a disappointment.

    The same happens with Reddit, a lot of times.

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    But what if there was a way to avoid the nuisance that you could see the deleted Reddit posts.

    It is our motive for today’s article to aware you how you can see the deleted Reddit posts. So say bye-bye to all the suspense.

    The 3 Best Ways to See Deleted Reddit Posts

    There are some pretty easy and cool ways, which you can use to see the deleted Reddit posts. I’m listing all of these for your convenience. You can pick and choose whichever catches your fancy.

    Using Wayback Machine 

    Although, the method to see the deleted Reddit posts is more on the complicated side. It is very, much reliable.

    So it works by taking screenshots of various posts, numerous times a day. That is where the process becomes tricky.

    If you want to view a post/comment, first, you have to see when Reddit removed it. Sort the snapshots in Wayback according to that date. Once you have done that, check the exact time of removal. Lastly, you have to sort the snapshots of that date, before the time that Reddit deleted it. That is how you’d be able to access the much-sorted post before it got out of your reach.

    Wayback machine
    Wayback machine

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    It is a sure short way to see the deleted Reddit posts. Why? Because, no matter if the post was famous or not, if created, it is most likely that its snapshot was taken.

    I feel like it is one trick that works like a time machine, taking you back in the past. Isn’t it beautiful?

    Using Remove Edit and Ceddit 

    Next up is another way to see deleted Reddit posts, goes by “REMOVEEDIT.” It gets you the cached version, which the administrator saved somewhere on the servers. That is how you can see the post that someone eliminated, whatever the reasons.

    You have to tweak a bit with the URL by adding removeedit instead of Reddit. Consider the example: 

    Here we had added removeedit in place of Reddit, the URL before the modification was,

    remove edit
    remove edit

    Do you get the idea?

    It has also got a feature like a bookmark, which on clicking, takes you to the deleted posts.

    CEDDIT is another technique using which you can see the deleted Reddit posts. It works on the same lines as the previous one, that is, removeedit. It allows you to have a look at the cached deleted posts, but it does so in its environment. That makes the whole process an amazingly smooth experience for the user.


    Just like the one above, all you gotta do is to place the “c” and eliminate the “r.” Presenting the example:

    And here is how you may replace it:

    About right? Great.

    The only issue with the method is the screening issue. You can delete the post for the reason of being inappropriate.

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    Using Resavr 

    Another mode to see the deleted Reddit posts is by the use of RESAVR. Based on the conjecture that posts with 1000+ characters tend to hold more informative importance, it retrieves all those posts.


    It has got an easy peasy interface. Also, it displays the word count. On top of all of it, there is no screening. It applies to all types of posts. Is it cool, or is it cool?

    Last words 

    Reddit is another amazing social media website for sharing content with the phenomenon of Karma. These were tricks and tips which you can use to if you wish to see the deleted Reddit posts. These can make your lives easy concerning social media and scrolling, of course.

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    Happy scrolling!!

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