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Images have become a massive part of our lives. Whether they’re memes or pictures of our own lives, we tend to keep them close and cherish them.

The tool we have, up for discussion today is the Imgur album downloader, which deals with images. It allows us to download albums of photos from Imgur. Just to be clear, Imgur is a top-notch platform, where you can upload pictures. So much is its popularity that it comes as an app for all platforms.

It has happened countless times to me that I wanted to download an image, but couldn’t. Due to one restriction or the other. But now we have 4hub’s Imgur album downloader as our savior.

Whether the album contains related or unrelated images or gifs, the Imgur album downloader has got you.

So let’s go ahead and see the process of using the Imgur album downloader in the most detail.

How to Download Images Using Imgur Album Downloader?

In this section, we will discuss about Imgur and how to download images using the tool.

Imgur has the tagline, where it claims to be the magic of the internet. So, in tandem with that magic, our Imgur album downloader helps you download anything and everything. And that too, with a few clicks here and there. Lets us go on and see how it all shapes up.

So, we’ll be doing a lot of surfing; I’m sure you’ve guessed that much. Naturally, you’ll require a secure internet connection. Hence, if you’ve got an unstable connection, refresh it before we start doing any of that. The process of working with the Imgur album downloader will consume loads of internet. What’s the fun if the pages stop loading.


Steps to Download Images

  • Once you’re through with that, open your web browser. You can use whichever you like the best. I’ve used Chrome, as I find it pretty amazing. In the search bar, type The link to the site will appear as a result. If you click on the blue words, they’ll take you directly to the site. Next, what you have to do in the context of the Imgur album downloader, is to open their website.
  • It’s a striking website, on the top, there are the trending tags for you to explore. As you go down, there are loads of memes and jokes to explore. But that is not why we’re here. There is a green signup button, with sign-in written beside it.
  • Get into your account if you do have one, get one, if you don’t. It is essential to download an album using 4hub’s Imgur album downloader.

Now, have you made up your mind on which album you want to download using the Imgur Album downloader? Great. Just copy its address. And we’re done with Imgur. That was half of the process of the Imgur album downloader.

  1. Whether you want to close the window or not, that’s on you. In another tab, search for, to get to their site, where all the action will take place.
  2. On that site, you’ll see a bunch of other similar tools.
  3. Keep scrolling till you find the Imgur Album downloader, then you have to click on the white button.
  4. It is under the small description. Click it to get to the main page.
  5. The first thing that catches your eye, on the Imgur Album downloader’s main page, is the input box. A vast space that prompts you to enter the URL. So just right-click or long-press on that space. Go for the paste option when the dialogue box appears.
  6. Next, to use the Imgur album downloader, click on the adjoining field. Choose the resolution you’d like, and then it starts to download.

Frequently Asked Questions & Solutions

Now that I’ve explained the Imgur album downloader and played my part, it’s your turn to act. Feel free to ask your doubts, and I’ll resolve them to the best of my abilities. Here we go:

Q) Is Imgur Album Downloader a Website/Tool?

Its a platform embedded within a website. It works just as efficiently as any other website or web app. Also, it saves you the exhaustion and storage problems. That is because you don’t have to download anything on your device.

Q) Does Imgur Album Downloader Offers Additional Charges?

You won’t have to spend a penny while using it. No additional charges, no cost after downloading. Nothing. Nada.

Q) How Does Imgur Album Downloader Works?

You’ll have to go to, from there, log into your account if you have to. The most crucial step is to Copy the Address associated with the album of your fancy. Then, go to It will land you right on the main page. If not, you can google it. Once you are there, keep an eye out for the Imgur album downloader, keep looking.

Then you just have to paste the link over at the space. When you click the just beside the area, the page reloads. It makes you choose your choice of resolution, then the download commences.

Q)What is the Resolution Quality Provided by Imgur Album Downloader?

We’ve got products with every quality to cater to whatever you need. The lowest quality the Imgur album downloader offers is 240p while it goes on to the sharp, crisp 1080p.

Q) Where to Find the Downloaded Image?

It varies with the system and the settings. If we talk about computers, it generally gets stored inside the download folder within C drive. Unless, of course, you change it. You can find out the path by opening the file within your browser.

When it comes to mobiles, they usually have File managers or their variants. It also has a download folder under device storage. That’s where you can find everything.

Q) Is it Plausible to Use the 4hub Tool on a Smartphone?

I don’t see why not. Just open the Imgur’s website; alternatively, you can download their mobile app. It is available for both Android and iPhone. Copy the link of the album, go on to, use the Imgur Album downloader, download the album. All you have to do is paste the link in the space given. And tada, It does the rest.

Q) What is the Maximum Video Length?

Ok, that, we’ve been continuously improving at that. Currently, the Imgur Album downloader supports downloading videos of over 3 hours. Although it has been enough for users, be sure that we’ll be coming with more improvements.

Q) Why Choose Our Imgur Album Downloader Tool?

Well, you’re right. But don’t listen to us. Go try out our Tool. Then you’ll see how easy our Imgur Album downloader is to use.

The speed is impeccable, it is very secure, as it uses the HTTPS, securing both ends of the transmission. It works for all devices and platforms, also provides a range of resolutions.