How to Delete a Group on Facebook [100% Working Ways]

    How to Delete a Group on Facebook

    Facebook, which is something that just needs no introduction, is that social networking website which anyone can make use of it anyway. Be it just making friends, staying connected with new friends, finding people with shared interests, or be it marketing your new business, or your original music album or your new product and finding out whether it works with people or not. Oh, also, these are by no means the only uses or utilities that Facebook website provides. Its opportunities are only beginning to be explored and will be explored continuously, considering how extensive its outreach is and how easy it is to get into anybody’s pocket phone.

    What is the Groups Feature on Facebook?

    By means of creating Groups, you are concentrating like-minded people and people with shared interests under one roof. This is like the go-to place for the members of the group if they want to have some brain-racking conversations or to pick apart an idea and discuss it till the day ends. That’s what the Groups feature on Facebook is all about!!!!! Of course, to use this feature, you definitely need to be a member of Facebook and also, have friends in your network, whom you add to your Group.

    Creating a Facebook Account

    Creating an account on Facebook is as simple as can be. Go to and the page that opens is “Create a new account”. Now, enter your First name, Last name (Both mandatory), an email ID or your phone number (as per your preference) and a strong password for login (doesn’t have to be same as your email password). That’s it; you’re now a member on Facebook!

    How to Delete a Group on Facebook

    Of course, you need to not only be a member on Facebook, but you also need to be the admin of the group. This means that you either have to have created the group, or the person that created the group had made you admin before he left the group. Here’s how deleting a group on Facebook is gone about:


    1. Enter the link on any of the web browsers on your computer (Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Safari/Internet Explorer/Opera) and log in to your account.
    2. You are taken to your home page, where you receive your News Feed, updates from your friends, groups that you’re a member of and pages that you have “Liked”. On the left side of the page, under “Explore”, click on “Groups”.
    3. You’ll find a list of groups that you’ve created or you’re a member of. Tap on the one that you wish to delete.
    4. You’ll be taken to the page of the group. Click on “Members” on the left side of the page, and the list of all the members of the page is shown.
    5. One by one, you need to click on the dots symbol next to each member and choose “Remove from Group”.
    6. When you’re done removing members, select “Leave Group” next to your own name,
    7. When you leave the group, you are told that since you’re the last member to leave, the group will also be deleted. Click on “Leave and Delete”.


    1. Open the Facebook app on your phone or your tablet and make sure you’ve logged in to your account.
    2. Go to the icon on the top right corner of your News Feed screen which looks like three horizontal parallel lines and taps on it.
    3. Choose “Groups”.
    4. Click on the Group that you want to delete and begin removing members by clicking on the dots symbol next to their names and choosing “Remove from Group”.
    5. Lastly, remove yourself from the group and when it asks for confirmation, tap on “Leave and Delete”.

    Now, one needs to remember that they need to be the admin of the group to be able to delete it. Also, groups can only be created when they have no members. So a mail intimating all the members in advance would probably seem like a decent idea. Additionally, deleting groups on Facebook is permanent and there is no reversing the action. Keeping these pointers in mind would be helpful before you take the measure of removing a group on Facebook.


    So, now that you know about this feature why not go explore it out!!! Throw an idea out, or think of a concept and pick your brains out on it or if you want to test out your product or your music or your article or your story.. wait, the list could go on forever!!!! Find more people, connect with them, create groups, add more people to them and just keep growing from there. There is just no determining what could happen by just throwing out an idea in the world. It has a growth of its own!!!!


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