How to Change Twitter Handle | Top 2 Tested Methods

    How to Change Twitter Handle

    Twitter is widely known and extremely popular for being a microblogging website. A place where people post snippets of their opinion on any topic under the sun, as opposed to writing a whole page of article or content on a blog. There is no restriction to expression of their opinion on anything, but it is what it is most widely in use for. Thus, knowing How to Change Twitter Handle is a must. It can just as quickly be in use to share videos, video clips, and links, etc. It is probably because of the microblogging aspect that Twitter is more popular on handsets than on computers. Twitter also remains the cause for a whole lot words like “hashtag”, “twitter handle”, “tweet” (both as a noun and a verb), etc. to trend. Oh yes, that one too!!! “Trend”!!!

    Creating a Twitter Account

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    You can create an account on Twitter very quickly by following these steps:

    1. If you’re on the computer, go to Twitter homepage, click on Sign Up on the home page to enter Step 1 of 4 in the process of account creation.
    2. Enter your name and your phone number. You may also prefer to sign up using your email ID instead.
    3. Then on the next step, click on “Sign Up”. Now, whether you signed up using your phone or email ID, it will be verified by transmitting you either an SMS or an email, respectively.
    4. Enter the verification code, if it is an SMS. If your email ID is being verified, then click on the verification link you received in your email.
    5. In the final step of the process, enter a username. This is unique for every Twitter member, and Twitter will check if the username that you enter in the space is alredy available or taken. This username is called your “Twitter Handle” and is written as and seen by others as @uniqueusername. Salutes, you are now, properly, one of the “Twitterers”!!

    You may also choose to create an account on your mobile, where you will need to download the Twitter app on your Android or Windows phone or your iPhone and then follow the steps mentioned above.

    How to Change Twitter Handle (@username)

    After having become a Twitterer and after having browsed through a few accounts, you have second thoughts about your @TwitterHandle or your @Username. Here are a couple of ways to go about it.

    How to Change Twitter Handle on Desktop

    1. On your computer, open the link in any web browser you feel comfortable with (Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Safari/Internet Explorer/Opera).
    2. Enter your email ID/phone number and your Twitter password to login into your account. Once you’re logged in, you see your home page.
    3. On the left side, you will see a blue space, below which you will see your name (not unique) in big bold letters. Below this is your @username, written in the same format, which is @ followed by the username you chose for yourself.
    4. Tap on it, and you will be conveyed to your profile page showing your activity on Twitter so far, in reverse chronological order.
    5. On the uppermost right side, you will see a circle with your display picture. If uploaded, or empty space with an outline of a human portrait. Indicating the area for your display picture.
    6. Click on it and go to “Settings and Privacy”.

      Twitter settings
      Twitter settings
    7. Under “Account”, the first attribute it shows will be Username.

      Edit Username
      Edit Username
    8. Enter a new username which you deem fit.

    How to Change Twitter Handle on Mobile Application

    Open the Twitter app on your Android or Windows phone or your iPhone or your iPad/tablet and make sure that you are logged in. Following steps teach you how to change twitter handle:

    1. Open the icon on the upper left side of your home screen that looks like three horizontal parallel lines.
    2. Go to “Settings and Privacy”.
    3. Choose Account and touch on Username.
    4. With a space showing your old username, where you can enter your new username. Again, Twitter will check if it is available for you to use it, or already taken by someone.
    5. After having decided on a unique username, hit “Done” at the bottom of the screen.

    Hope this answers your question of How to Change Twitter Handle!! Let us know in the comments. Happy tweeting, Twitterer!!


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